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Are you tired of looking at your towels being spotted or grey? WLSN Pacific, LLC in Kapaau, HI can help. We offer excellent solutions for laundry, dry cleaning, spot removal. We are a distributor of Commercial Laundry Chemicals built to work for you! We have a full line of Laundry Cleaning Solutions and are ready to help you with your laundry needs.

Every laundry needs to have the correct formula for cleaning properly and we got it for you!! Stop grumbling of why your whites are grey and dingy, stop complaining that your sheets are getting worn and thin. We don't have all the answers to life troubles about laundry, but we have a good idea of what may be the problem.

We have our laundry programs at many different locations around the state and not all of them are what some might think is the "COOKIE CUTTER" solution. We will work with you and your staff to help you identify and address the problem areas. Our program has been successful and satisfying to many of our customers and they have also found that the cost factor if is very effective when on the program.  

We Offer Our Services for:

  • Bed and Breakfast Inns
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Hospitals
  • Life Care Facilities
  • Veterinarian Clinics

Silk magic

SILK MAGIC Silk & Rayon Pre-Spotter/Leveler

Here in Hawaii, we are the distributor for SILK MAGIC Silk & Rayon Pre-Spotter/Leveler- an excellent laundry and dry cleaning spot remover. SILK MAGIC Silk & Rayon Pre-Spotter/Leveler removes water rings, raindrops, perspiration rings, streaks, swales, and soil on silk, rayon and other water sensitive fabrics. It is non-hazardous and eliminates reruns and after treatments. (Dry clean only/apply full strength)

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