A Message from Francis "Willy" Wilson

WLSN Pacific, LLC is currently located on the Big Island and services all of the Hawaiian Islands. Our company is locally owned and operated and has been in business since 2009. We have met many new people in the industry and have not only shared knowledge of this industry but also gained knowledge from many of our customers who have now become very good friends.

My Dad, My Hero

Image of a manThis is a picture of my Dad whom I have learned so much from. He was an electrician for one of Hawaii's largest pineapple companies and also for one of the largest main Electrical Contractors on Maui during that time and era. After working for these companies, he went into his own electrical contractor business where he was well respected by many of his friends and colleagues in business as well as his customers and competitors. One thing I have learned more than anything about how he did business was that he would only concentrate on customers that wanted his help and give them the attention that gained him so many customers and not the hustle and bustle of dealing with those that felt better opportunities offered by what the other guys were doing. His goal was about making relationships with each other and that they both respected each other and shared knowledge. There was an understanding of how business was done and what was expected from each other. I would like to do the same here with my company now.

I have gained much knowledge of what we do and continue to learn from customers like you who have shared with me. I hope that I have also shared with you something of what is of value to you as well and I look to continue to build long lasting friendships. I would like to thank all those customers that have given me the opportunity to share with you and you with me of a growing friendship and business partner.

May the good Lord bless us all with an everlasting relationship that goes beyond this world and into the eternity. Thank you so much every one for your business and trust in me.

Francis "Willy" Wilson

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